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  1.  Calico Massage Blog Stress Relief

    Many of our clients book a treatment with us because they have a specific physical issue that they wish to be worked on, which is fair enough!

    However they may not realise that one of the additional benefits of massage is that it can help relieve stress. And it is often the stress they're experiencing that is contributing to their physical discomfort.

    For those interested in finding out more, an article on how massage therapy can help relieve stress can be found here

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  2. ... what do you wish would happen?

    Everyone experiences massage in different ways, but often the time spent on a massage couch can be a contemplative one. So for those of you who fit into this category, next time you're having a treatment, why not ask yourself what you wish could happen before the end of the day and is there anything you can do to make this happen...?

    For inspiration click the picture below...

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  3. Calico Massage Blog Autumn

    The start of Autumn is a bittersweet time - the long days of summer are fading, there's a chill in the air and it can feel like there are many grey, chilly months ahead of us. But it's easy to forget about all the treats that Autumn can offer us (what about this, this or these...?)


    So why not book us for a warming and soul restoring aromatherapy massage to help embrace the change of seasons? Your therapist will carefully design a blend of oils to suit your individual needs and then use these oils to give you a wonderful full body massage that focuses on tension release and relaxation.

    If you're feeling the cold,  your therapist to create you a warming blend and we'll use oils like ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg to warm you up.

    We look forward to seeing you!

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