classic massage

For the classic massage, our therapist will draw on techniques ranging from Swedish massage to advanced deep tissue massage to design an entirely bespoke treatment to meet your needs. An ideal option for those with a specific goal in mind for their treatment, (for example treating neck/back pain) whilst also having a full body massage. Also ideal for those who'd like some deep tissue work in a certain area but don't wish to have the full impact of a deep tissue massage or who would just like one area of their body worked on. There's more information on this treatment below or just contact us if you'd like to find out more or make an appointment

Treatment Room Appointments:

1 hour: £45

90 mins: £60

Mobile Appointments:

1 hour:  £55

90 mins: £70

The mobile appointment price includes travel to your home if you live in the north/west Leeds areas. If you live outside these areas a small, additional travel charge may be made. Please contact us for more info.

more information on the classic massage

Our classic massage is a great treatment to try if you have a particular problem causing you discomfort, or a specific goal in mind for your massage. We basically design this treatment exactly around your needs (and it is of course fine for these to change from session to session). We’ll have a full consultation with you and then discuss a treatment plan for your massage based on how you’d like to feel at the end of the session and what areas you’d like to have treated.

So, for example, if you have ongoing problems with your upper back and neck that are causing you discomfort, but also want to have a relaxing treatment, we’ll give you a full body massage, incorporating techniques from aromatherapy and Swedish style massages while then focussing the deep tissue work on your neck and upper back to help alleviate pain and discomfort in these areas.

As this is an entirely bespoke treatment, if you’d prefer us to spend the time just working on one region of your body that is causing you problems (for example your legs and lower back), then that is absolutely fine too. We’ll work this out in collaboration with you during your consultation.

how does it work?

We’ll use a whole range of specialised techniques to design your treatment. It may be that we think you’d benefit from some deep tissue work in a particular area. This is a massage technique that focuses on releasing restrictions and adhesions in the muscles, tendons and ligaments, working below the more superficial level of muscles with the intention of breaking up restrictions to provide relief from chronic physical pain and discomfort.

Or it could be that you’d also benefit from some techniques we use in Swedish massage which works at a more superficial level and enhances the circulation of blood and lymph around your body. This can help with the relief of pain, improved mood, sleep patterns and clearer thinking. We’ll use our best judgment as therapists to work out which techniques would be most helpful to you.

who is it suitable for?

Our classic massage is suitable for most people (though there are instances where it may not be suitable and so please do let us know if you have any current health problems or contact us to find out more). If you are pregnant, we offer a specialised pregnancy massage and more information can be found via the treatment link above.

need more information?

If you have any questions at all or would like to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

about us

At Calico Massage Therapy we work from a purpose built, comfortable and accessible treatment room in Headingley, Leeds. There is parking at the door and we are open daytimes and evenings. We also offer mobile appointments around the Leeds and Bradford areas, allowing you to have a massage in the comfort of your own home. Our massage therapists are trained to leading national and international standards and are fully insured to work with you.