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what to expect

Your therapist will arrive at your home with everything needed for your treatment - a massage table, oils and fresh linen. All we ask is that you have enough space for us to give you your massage. Most people's living room will have enough room - just imagine a 6ft tall person lying down with their arms outstretched and that will give you a good idea of the space we need.

You will be covered with linens and towels throughout your treatment and only the area we're working on will be exposed so your dignity will be protected at all times.

You might also like to make sure that the room is warm and if you have any music that you love and helps you relax, do feel free to have this on. Your therapist will also bring a music player with a selection of relaxing meditation music that you can choose to have on during your treatment.



your first appointment


Please allow an extra 15 minutes at the beginning of your first appointment so that we can go through a full consultation with you. This will allow us to find out exactly what you want from your treatment and just check on things like allergies and any other health or wellbeing issues that may affect your massage.

If you have any significant health problems, we'd really appreciate you mentioning these when you make your booking so we can have a chat with you about these before your treatment.



free aftercare packs

We want you to feel that you are at the centre of our world while you are having your treatment and to make sure the wonderful after effects of your treatment last as long as possible we’ll give you a free aftercare pack. This contains advice on looking after yourself between treatments and a few goodies to help you stay relaxed after your massage. More info can be found in our aftercare pages.


massage shouldn't be an endurance test!


Many people ask for more and more pressure during their treatment even though they are holding their breath and curling their toes, believing that if they can endure a whole session of pain, all their tension and knots will go away in one treatment. But massage shouldn’t be an endurance test for either client or therapist! Deep tissue work can indeed be intense but you shouldn’t ever feel like you’ve been hurt or bruised. We’ll always ask for feedback from you so that we can adjust the pressure we’re using to a perfectly comfortable level for you. 



what not to expect


Nothing kinky! This is a therapeutic massage service only and if you're looking for more than that then please try somewhere else. 



any questions?


Please don't hesitate to contact us - we'd love to hear from you!  



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