hot stones massage

Smooth, rounded basalt stones are gently heated in water and then coated in oil and used as an extension of the therapist's hands. The heat within the stones works deep into your muscles and induces deep relaxation. This treatment can be a great combination of deep tissue work and/or a wonderfully warming and relaxing treatment. Just let us know what you'd prefer! More information about hot stone massage can be found below or just get in touch to have a chat about what treatment would be most suitable for you.

Treatment Room Appointments:

60 mins: £55

90 mins: £65

Mobile Appointments:

As this treatment involves the use of specialised heating equipment, unfortunately this treatment is not available for mobile appointments. But we'd love to  welcome you to the treatment room to indulge in this gorgeous treatment!

more information on hot stones massage

A hot stone massage combines the benefits of what is known as 'thermotherapy' (the use of heat for therapeutic effect), with massage strokes. We think that there may be a misconception that hot stone massage is just a relaxing treatment, but it can actually be a very effective therapeutic treatment too. It is generally accepted that one massage stroke using a heated stone is equivalent to 5-10 strokes of the therapist’s hand and so it isn’t hard to see that a full body massage using hot stones can result in an intensely relaxing and therapeutic experience.

who is it suitable for?

This treatment is suitable for those experiencing physical discomfort as a result of poor posture, over-work, injury or stress as well as those looking for a relaxing and warming treatment. There may be cases when massage isn’t suitable and more information on this can be found here but if you aren’t sure whether it is suitable for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

how does it work?

We use rounded, basalt stones that are heated in water and then coated in oil for your treatment. The heat from the stones warms up your skin allowing it to absorb the moisturising oils which coat the stones, whilst also warming up the muscles so that our therapist can work into the deeper muscle layers. This helps improve local circulation and blood flow to your soft tissues which in turn helps to feed the muscles with oxygen and nutrients and removes toxins and waste products that may have built up.

what to expect

The stones are warmed up in water in a heater designed specifically for this purpose. The stones are then used in a variety of ways – larger stones will be placed on your body to target specific areas and smaller stones will be used by your therapist to massage your body. The smallest stones will be popped between your toes to keep your feet warm during your treatment. Your therapist will take extra time at the beginning of the massage to ensure that contact with the stones is comfortable for you so that you can relax into the treatment. We always check the temperature of the stones before using them and any larger stones that are placed on your body will be put on top of sheets or towels so that they won’t come into direct contact with your skin, so you don’t need to feel concerned about having a hot object placed on your body.

a bit of history

Hot stone massage may seem like a new type of therapy but actually evidence of stone massage dates back over 3000 years. It is thought that the treatment originates in ancient India and China and has more recently been associated with the North American Indians who used such methods in healing rituals and to ease discomfort and pain.

need more information?

If you have any questions at all or would like to book an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us. 

about us

At Calico Massage Therapy we work from a purpose built, comfortable and accessible treatment room in Headingley, Leeds. There is parking at the door and we are open daytimes and evenings. We also offer mobile appointments around the Leeds and Bradford areas, allowing you to have a massage in the comfort of your own home. Our massage therapists are trained to leading national and international standards and are fully insured to work with you.