Calico Massage wishes you a Happy New Year!

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Calico Massage Blog Happy New Year! And so we find ourselves in 2012! It can be bewildering how it happens - another year goes by in what seems like a flash. But there is something refreshing about a new year as the revelry gives way to renewal and thoughts inevitably turn to resolutions.

Here at Calico we do believe in resolutions but only those that are a positive addition to your life and not ones that end up being punishing or something to beat yourself up about.

So if one of your resolutions is to let your shoulders relax  because they are riding too high, why not try our classic massage? Or if you're hoping to do more exercise why not compliment this with deep tissue massage to help your 


Calico Massage Blog Happy New Year!


body adapt to the changing demands on it?

And for those of you who’re feeling the after effects of indulgence, then why not try one of our detoxifying aromatherapy massages. Our therapist will concoct a gorgeous blend of oils that can help your body release toxins and restore its natural equilibrium.

We like to keep our resolutions simple and here are some of them:

To go outside more

To enjoy  quiet times

To say ‘should’ less and ‘why not?’ more!

And for those of you who don’t believe in resolutions - good for you - perhaps you can just treat yourself to a massage anyway!

So we wish you a happy beginning to the year and we hope that you can hold onto the joy of the festive season as the days revert to their usual routine.

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  1. Abby

    Bring on the fresh air and 'why nots?' But I do need some Christmas unravelling, so I'll be in touch!

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  2. Thanks Anna! Calico x

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  3. Anna

    Can't think of a better way to start the new year ... 2012, the year of fresh air and fresh starts ... nothing like a Calico treatment to make you feel you can achieve anything! x

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