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Continuing our series of instructions on self-massage (again no sniggering at the back you lot!), today we have some directions on massaging your legs.

It doesn’t really matter whether you live an active or sedentary life; everyone can suffer from aching legs so it is handy to know how to give them a quick massage. This can help tired muscles recover after exercise or after standing for too long or just from being stuck at your desk from hours on end.

So here are some instructions on how to give yourself a quick rub down…!

Let us know what you think. For the directions click on the  'Read more' link below this post.



It is best to do one leg first and then work on the other. Sit down on a bed or the floor and take some time to make yourself comfortable. You might like to sit on a cushion and support your back.

  1. Start by stroking the full length of your leg from ankle to thigh with one hand on each side of the leg. Working from your foot, stroke smoothly and quite firmly up the calf, over the knee and up to the top of the thigh. Repeat about six times.
  2. Then knead your thigh, paying particular attention to the front and outside. Think of kneading bread here and so with alternate hands, squeeze and release the flesh on your thigh.
  3. The stroke up the thigh from the knee, with one hand following the other in a smooth and flowing action.
  4. Pummel the front and outside of your thigh in a light way (again this isn’t about beating yourself up!). This enlivens and invigorates your legs and helps get the blood flowing.
  5. Massage all round your knee by applying circular pressures with your thumb round your kneecap. Finish by stroking in gentle circles behind your knee.
  6. Using both of your hands, knead your calf muscle, alternately squeezing the muscle away from the bone and then releasing it. Then soothe the area by stroking gently, one hand following the other up the back of the leg towards the direction of your heart.

Directions on giving yourself a foot massage to follow…! And if you'd like the shoulder and neck massage instructions, just click here 

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