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Calico Mobile Massage Leeds Corporate Massage - Back Massage

We realise that many people would love to have a massage treatment but may not be able to fit one into their precious free-time. So we’re delighted to now offer corporate and on-site massage therapy so that short, but effective, versions of our massages can be enjoyed during your lunch or tea break in your office or workplace.

We’ve got a range of pricing options so employers can either pay for or subsidise the cost of treatments or they can just make some space available for staff to have their treatments.

There is lots more information on our Corporate Massage pages or just contact us if you’d like to talk through the options.

We’ve even written a letter that you can use to send to your bosses to convince them that they really do need to let you have massage treatments at work (please feel free to use it and edit at will)!


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  1. I love that you've written a persuasive letter for my boss! I hope I could convince him to supply the office without it, but it's good to know you are that committed to bringing your business anywhere!

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