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Continuing our instructions on giving yourself a massage, we now move from the feet to the hands. There is something very comforting about massaging your hands – we hold so much tension in our hands as they are in constant use. Most of our hand movements involve clenching, clasping and holding actions, so it is wonderfully soothing to counteract these by stretching out the hand and fingers.

This is a really simple set of instructions that you can take 5 minutes out of your day to do. It is a lovely way of taking a break at your desk or doing while you’re on the bus or train on your way home from work. This works with or without cream but if you have some hand cream available, it makes the massage slightly easier.

Just click on ‘Read More’ below for instructions and do let us know if you give it a try!

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  1. Cover your hand with hand cream if you have some and then stroke up the back of your hand, towards the wrist and glide gently back.
  2. Gently squeeze your hand all over, pressing it inwards with your palm and fingers.
  3. Compress each finger all over by squeezing between your thumb and forefinger
  4. Using a circular action with your thumb, make circular pressures over the joints of each finger.
  5. Traction your fingers lightly by holding the finger at its base with your thumb and forefinger and pulling gently upwards to stretch it out as you slide your grip up the finger and off the end..
  6. Stroke between the bones on the back of your hand with your thumb. Start between the knuckles and stroke down each dip all the way to the wrist. Repeat 3 times.
  7. Supporting your hand with your other hand, use circular thumb frictions around your wrist
  8. Turn your hand over and support the back with your fingers, then use firm circular thumb pressures all over the palm of your hand.
  9. Starting at the fingers, glide down the palm, stroking towards your wrist and then use the heel of your hand to push into the heel of the massaged hand and circle a few times.
  10. Finish the hand massage by stroking the palm of your hand several times.


Repeat on the other hand. Then relax for as long as you can afterwards.

These instructions can also be used to give you direction when massaging someone else. They will be very grateful and I'm sure will then return the favour!

Directions on giving yourself an arm massage in the next installment…

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