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Just a little reminder that alongside regular massage therapy, Calico also offers specialised pregnancy and post-natal massage too!

Pregnancy can be a wonderful time but as your body is changing and adjusting, it can also result in aches and pains, tiredness and some stress. My aim is to support you through this exciting and challenging time by helping to relieve physical discomforts while also calming and soothing you.

Post-natal massage is also offered to help you through the busy, demanding and amazing months after your baby's birth.

Just click on 'Read More' below to find out more about this specialised massage or visit the dedicated calico pregnancy massage website for lots of information on the treatments offered. 

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Calico's mobile service makes things really easy and hassle-free for you as your treatment is provided at your home or workplace, so you don’t need to worry about driving, parking or finding a babysitter.

I also offer post-natal massage to help you in the weeks and months following your baby’s birth. At this time there can be considerable stresses and strains on your body from cuddling, feeding and carrying your new baby. Massage can help reduce these and just as importantly for you – and indirectly for your baby and family – can give you some gentle time out to recharge, relax and let someone else look after you for a while.

And if you are planning a baby shower or would just like to get together with some other mums while you look after each other’s babies, why not book Calico to come along to your event?

I’ll come along to your venue with all that is needed to give the mum-to-be a wonderfully relaxing massage and also treat your other guests to a selection of gorgeous treatments. There is a simple set of packages and pricing structures to make your party planning as easy as possible.

All the information on this and the treatments offered can be found on our  pregnancy massage dedicated website where you’ll also find frequently asked questions and details about pregnancy massage safety. Or just contact me for a chat or email  with any queries. - I'd love to hear from you!

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