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  1. Calico Mobile Massage Therapy Leeds Philosophy

    So this Valentine's Day, instead of dashing into a florist at the last minute or finding yourself in the White Rose centre as the shops are closing still looking for that perfect present, why don't you treat your love to some lovely Calico massage  gift vouchers instead?!

    You don't even need to leave your comfy armchair to sort it out. Just email us letting us know the vouchers you'd like, pay through PayPal and we'll post the vouchers out to whatever address you'd like with a message of your choice.  

    And for those of you who are single or just disapprove of the whole Valentine's day business, why don't you book us to come round and massage away any thoughts of red hearts, roses and fluffy teddy bears?!! 

    Just contact us (whichever camp you fall into!) and we'll do all we can to make this Valentine's the most pain free possible!

  2. Massage Blog Pregnancy Massage

    Just a little reminder that alongside regular massage therapy, Calico also offers specialised pregnancy and post-natal massage too!

    Pregnancy can be a wonderful time but as your body is changing and adjusting, it can also result in aches and pains, tiredness and some stress. My aim is to support you through this exciting and challenging time by helping to relieve physical discomforts while also calming and soothing you.

    Post-natal massage is also offered to help you through the busy, demanding and amazing months after your baby's birth.

    Just click on 'Read More' below to find out more about this specialised massage or visit the dedicated calico pregnancy massage website for lots of information on the treatments offered. 

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  3. Calico Massage Therapy Gift Voucher

    Well it's that time of year again and Christmas seems to be nearly here! So if you want to avoid getting your toes trampled on in the Christmas shopping rush, then why not make it easy for yourself and get all your favourite people  some Calico Massage Therapy GIft Vouchers...? 

    They are available in a wide range of values and we can post or email them, with your message, to the address of your choice.

    It is a lovely and hassle-free way to treat your friends and family (or yourself!).

    And why not book yourself in for a massage treatment before Christmas to help you feel ready and enlivened for the festive season? We still have some appointments available in the week before Christmas so just get in touch if you'd like to book in!

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  4.  Massage Blog Arm Massage

    Many clients are tempted to ask their therapist to by-pass their arms when giving them a massage and concentrate on their back instead, where most people feel the effects of muscular tension. Though this is tempting, a thorough arm massage can help to release tension elsewhere in the body, particularly the shoulders.

    You can also give your own arms a massage relatively easily. Just click on ‘Read More’ below to find out how and let us know if you give it a try!

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  5. Massage Blog Hand Massage

    Continuing our instructions on giving yourself a massage, we now move from the feet to the hands. There is something very comforting about massaging your hands – we hold so much tension in our hands as they are in constant use. Most of our hand movements involve clenching, clasping and holding actions, so it is wonderfully soothing to counteract these by stretching out the hand and fingers.

    This is a really simple set of instructions that you can take 5 minutes out of your day to do. It is a lovely way of taking a break at your desk or doing while you’re on the bus or train on your way home from work. This works with or without cream but if you have some hand cream available, it makes the massage slightly easier.

    Just click on ‘Read More’ below for instructions and do let us know if you give it a try!

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  6. Calico Mobile Massage Leeds Corporate Massage - Back Massage

    We realise that many people would love to have a massage treatment but may not be able to fit one into their precious free-time. So we’re delighted to now offer corporate and on-site massage therapy so that short, but effective, versions of our massages can be enjoyed during your lunch or tea break in your office or workplace.

    We’ve got a range of pricing options so employers can either pay for or subsidise the cost of treatments or they can just make some space available for staff to have their treatments.

    There is lots more information on our Corporate Massage pages or just contact us if you’d like to talk through the options.

    We’ve even written a letter that you can use to send to your bosses to convince them that they really do need to let you have massage treatments at work (please feel free to use it and edit at will)!


  7. Massage Blog Foot Massage 


    Now who doesn’t love a foot massage (ticklish people excepted!)? While it’s lovely to have someone else rub your feet for you, it is actually quite easy to massage your own feet.

    So on that note and continuing our run of massage instructions, this next instalment gives details on how to massage your own feet. It is amazing how a foot massage can relieve tiredness and relax your whole body. So if you can’t rope someone else into giving you a foot rub click on ‘Read More’ below for instructions on doing it yourself and do let us know if you give it a try!

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  8. Calico Mobile Massage Leeds Hot Stone Massage 

    Continuing our series of instructions on self-massage (again no sniggering at the back you lot!), today we have some directions on massaging your legs.

    It doesn’t really matter whether you live an active or sedentary life; everyone can suffer from aching legs so it is handy to know how to give them a quick massage. This can help tired muscles recover after exercise or after standing for too long or just from being stuck at your desk from hours on end.

    So here are some instructions on how to give yourself a quick rub down…!

    Let us know what you think. For the directions click on the  'Read more' link below this post.